Kill! Kill! Battle of Fallujah

Get a glimpse of life in the desert amid the highest point of conflict in Fallujah during the Iraq War. This author invokes the demons from his past to bring you a literary fiction inspired by his own experiences and those of his brothers in arms.

Not your grandfather's Vietnam. This book, action-packed with danger and excitement, will keep you on the edge of your seat.

Before everyone carried cellphones, when only drug dealers had beepers, and you still had porn on VHS; this loveable squad of degenerates was kicking-in doors during the Second Battle of Fallujah.

Tongue-in-cheek antics made boldly with chaotic humor, blood spraying action, and shameless badassery. Follow these men as they learn what it means to earn the title, U.S. Marine.

The Man at the End of the World

Get enthralled in a world, both glamorous and grotesque, of love and rage, of trust and betrayal. A tale of decisions and consequences, of wanting everything and nothing at once. A pleasant dream of escapism from the modern world.

This is a tale of Nicanor, a fisherman on a tropical island, content with living the Hemingway lifestyle of writing, drinking, and catching Marlins. A former Marine, now modern-day expatriate, who can’t see his world changing as Mabel, a creature of stunning, yet simplistic beauty, emerges from the ocean. She is the essence of carpe diem with a strict policy of laissez faire, who captivates him, but brings with her the world he fought to leave behind. With troubles from a local gangster and a blood-thirsty shark, Nicanor is torn between the wild parties, the decadence of his wealthy new friends and the fleeting independence of his isolation.