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Chance Nix was born and raised in Pleasant Grove, Dallas, Texas, before enlisting in the Marine Corps. With two tours of duty, which includes the Battle of Fallujah, Chance came away with a sense of pride, a Purple Heart, and a few stories to tell. In between his two tours in Iraq, Chance volunteered to drive a seven-ton truck through the murky waters of Louisiana to aid in the relief of Hurricane Katrina.

After being injured during his second tour, Chance spent some time getting short stories published while working on his novel about Iraq. Being a lover of 80’s action movies and macho tough guy films, he wasn’t content with making the book some sappy autobiography.


He may be all too familiar with self-deprecating humor, but the thing that really gets Chance going is writing some kickass action stories. Chance spends his time between writing, veteran activities, and raising his kids. He may be a little older, a little slower, but he can still shoot a tick off a dog’s butt at 300 yards.



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